VICNAVIN is a brand-new Made in Italy contemporary bag brand created by a collective of international designers with different creative backgrounds based in Milan and Los Angeles.

During a trip to Bali the first bag capsule was born, naming the project from the combination of VIC "victory" and NAVIN an indian name for "new, rebirth", therefore new path, new victory, goal to be achieved.

A perfect, statement-making handbag that combines market and style needs, in order to serve women's busy and modern lifestyle.

Traditionally handcrafted in Italy by experienced artisans, VICNAVIN aims to become the new "It bag", characterized by a highly-recognizable minimal and functional design mixed with bold color-blocking and the signature logo encarved on every bag.


VICNAVIN supports the  PINK IS GOOD  project by Fondazione Veronesi for a noble goal: to raise money for female cancer research, an extremely sensitive topic for all women.